Sith Persona

The Exceptional Sith Persona: Training for the Inevitable Conflict

By Master Mortose


As Sith, we face our enemies without fear. We face them as the victors who have already defeated them. We face them by calling up the passion that burns within us and unleash it to leave only husks of what once tried to stand in our way. We are the exceptional, the elite and the intellectually superior. We are Sith!

However, not all who claim themselves Sith are fitting of our name and this training guide has been created to change this troubling reality.

First of all, Minions you are maggots! You feed on the dung we the elite leave you and you beg for more and offer nothing in return. You seek to ‘know the dark side’, yet you have no understanding of what that actually means. You seek to be an apprentice to one of our Masters and yet you are maggots! What do you offer Sith Academy?

Initiates below the first degree! You take our knowledge and offer us nothing more! Are you worthy of it? We wonder…


The Sith must always carry himself so he is perceived formidable.

To be formidable, the Sith must not only believe himself as superior to all around him; he must breath the very reality of it. He must live in its ambience, take in its intoxication and burn it into his flesh.

The Sith must be perceived as right even when he is horribly wrong.

There is a certain power in the act of making your enemies lose a debate even if they have in reality won. It is the power of planting seeds of doubt, confusion and fear. To plant these seeds, the expertly skilled Sith must know what will cause doubt, what will cause confusion and what will bring fear. He must understand every aspect of his enemy, not merely hurl personal attacks or political spin. The Sith must so expertly use manipulation to appear as a Jedi when he so requires it. The Sith must ever keep his enemies guessing, for he knows predictability leads to defeat.

The Sith should never repress his hate.

The Sith is comfortable with his hate; he embraces it and it strengthens his resolve to ever be victorious in all he does regardless of what field he is in. What the Sith does not do is blindly rage! He instead chooses his battles and his enemies so as not to waste his attention on what offers him no value.

The Sith serves his own will before any other.

The Sith does not bow down to anyone unless he has something to gain from doing so. He takes no gods unless they serve his desires and he proclaims loyalty to none but himself. This is his way! If he is to be loyal to a particular order, be assured that this order serves his desire to thrive. If he is to take an oath to the flag, he is certain to benefit from the act. If he is to destroy or build up a government, it is an act of his will and serves him to do so!

The Sith is not a role player.

The Sith is not a role player, he does not sit for hours at a time by the glow of his computer screen pretending to be something he is not. If anything, he is the role creator! He takes what he pleases from where he pleases and manifests it as reality; this is the power of his will and this is his magick.

If the Sith so desires to carry the persona of Darth Bane, he will do so. If he wishes to carry the persona of The Joker from Batman he will also do so. Then again he may choose a persona that is external to fictional works like Hitler or he might build his own with all of the traits he desires.

The Sith is not illiterate or lazy.

The Sith is intelligent and dedicated to manifesting his deepest desires. He is dedicated to creating his own internal empire and with enough focus, training and arrogance he will manifest that empire externally. He truly will be the Sith Lord of this planet!

The Sith should never carry himself in such a way as to appear foolish; he is better to silence himself quickly if this is the case. He should never try to spell a word he does not know how to spell and get it wrong; rather he should get a dictionary and look it up so he does not seem the fool.

The Sith does not resort to childish name-calling; he is professional in all he does. To resort to such infantile behavior is to destroy the Sith’s air of formidability. This is counter-productive obviously.

The Sith is learned and not ignorant.

The Sith is no stranger to writing, as he must constantly record his progress through initiation, trial and conquest. This being said, Sith must be able to communicate through written and spoken language.

The Sith is also no stranger to reading, as his knowledge is broadened only by his desire to apply himself in literature and his willingness to listen to the dark side of the Force.

The Sith is patient when the need exists.

Though the Sith meditates inwards rather than outwards as Jedi, he is none the less patient when it serves him. He is ever listening to his internal voice, ever observing the subtle influences of the dark side and ever aware of the placement of the light side in his life; which should ideally be none.