Power Symbols


“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” –Confucius

The Dark Lords believe strongly in the power of symbols, to reorder the mind, focus the will, and awaken passions in the shadow-mind (kâmûd-krol) of dark side disciples.

Growing up in modern civilization, you have been bombarded by symbols from birth. They may take the form of corporate logos, government flags, sports emblems, religious icons, political posters, musicians’ logos, etc. Such symbols are used to reinforce the cultural programming of the dominant orders of sorcerers – to invade and program your mind so that it will conform to their various agendas.

As Sith, we must deprogram and reprogram our minds from such programming, so that we may liberate ourselves from light side mental slavery and awaken our inner reserves of dark side power. This is a two step process. First, we mentally quarantine ourselves from the programming of the light side orders, by simply removing their symbols from our sight, or by developing enough awareness to be able to mentally nullify their effects at will. Second, we create new symbols of power which we have summoned from the shadow-mind, and begin consciously reprogramming ourselves with them.

This symbolic reprogramming process can take many forms; you may meditate on your power symbols, put them on clothing, flags, walls, books, web pages, videos, works of art, or anywhere else your attention may turn. Remember that the real power of symbols is their ability to bypass the conscious mind, which contains filters that resist their influence, and work directly upon the subconscious mind, which is the source of our greatest power as Sith.

Below are some kotanzurak (power symbols) the Dark Lords have created for this purpose. In the early stages of your training, Acolytes should adopt these to reinforce the message that you are part of an Order of Dark Lords, and you are submitting to their superior knowledge and power. But as you progress on your path, you should begin to develop your own symbols, and use them to establish your unique persona as an aspiring Dark Lord and master of symbolic sorcery.

Print out one or more these power symbols and place them in your power spaces. Click the images for full-size versions.

The Borzakshod-Kyor (Black Temple Seal) is the symbol of the Black Temple – the flagship Temple of the Dark Lords’ theocracy.

The nine points of the “Sith Star”, or Zithbrûg in the Black Tongue, represent the Nine Echelons of Sith mastery which all Acolytes must complete to become Dark Lords. They also represent the Nine Pillars, Nine Maxims and Nine Canons which are the foundation of our ideology. The points of the Star also represent the Nine Mental Weapons of the Sith Master: will to power, willpower, formlessness, fearlessness, intelligence, imagination, persuasion, perception, endarkenment.

The Source Star (Tozg-Brûg) symbol represents the Source and Force; the black circle in the center is the Source, and the rays represent the Force (Zy) emanating from it.

The Grazkurod (Nonagram) is a symbol of black magickal power used in rituals by Sith Sorcerers and Templars.

The Nine Mental Weapons (Graz Hûztarkonz) are nine ways the Sith adept uses his mind as a tool for acquiring power. They are summarized in the Hûztarkonz-Kurod (Mental Weapons Nonagram) which has a Harzâd character at each point that represents each Weapon.

The Imperial Sun symbol is the emblem of our new Empire, to be worn by all soldiers and officials of the Imperium. It’s nine black rays symbolize the rising sun of Sith power over this planet and beyond.


The War Trigammadion of Darth Siluzon (General of the Conquest of the Sith as foreseen by Darth Ravenus) is a symbol of the Sith wars of conquest and the triumph of the Dark Side yet to come.


The Black Dragon is the symbol of the Force fire that Sith training ignites in our Acolytes, burning away all that is weak and passionless. It is also the name of our shadow army, who guard the Temples and expand the Empire. All hail the Black Dragon!


The skull-and-crosshairs or death’s-head (Mazûkruk) symbol may be used by Sith Assassins to mark anything targeted for death by the Empire.

The Symbol of the Ministry of Scholars and its flagship institution, Sith Academy.

The Black Sun (Borzûm) is the power symbol of Sith sorcerers, mystics and prophets. It represents the metaphysical source of the Dark Lords’ power, and the Age of Endarkenment that is about to befall this planet. The Dark Lords have foreseen that the end is near for the light side order, and the Dark Side will soon prevail. Watch the sky with your third eye: the rising of the Black Sun heralds the victory of the Sith!

The Gear-and-Sun is a symbol of mind over matter, will over body. The black sun in the center represents the dark energy that powers our worldly efforts, and the red gear represents the bloody wheel of work and struggle. This symbol is used by the Imperial Ministry of Industry, and by dark side industrialists who generate the wealth necessary for Imperial expansion.

This symbol is used by the Imperial Science Ministry, who are responsible for the Empire’s scientific research and technological development.

The downward-facing trident is a symbol of the Unholy Trinity of Father (Satan), Son (the Antichrist) and the Unholy Spirit (the dark Force). It is the logo of the Temple of Satan, an Imperial-allied Order who are focused on breeding the Antichrist, summoning the Devil and acquiring unlimited black magickal power.

The Borzûm-Shozkurod (Black Sun Pentagram) combines the five-pointed symbol of the elements used in Satanism with the Black Sun, which is the source of Vril for the greatest Dark Lords.

The Black Ninja Star is the symbol of the Black Ninja Brotherhood. Its nine points represent the Nine Temples, Nine Cuts, Nine Maxims and other elements of imperial ideology. The Star is used as a seal on official Brotherhood scrolls and communications; it is also engraved on katanas, tantos, shurikens and other items used by the Clan Lords as a symbol of their authority. Every dojo or dag that gives its allegiance to the Black Ninja Brotherhood should put the Black Star seal on a wall or banner to symbolize its oath of “One Empire, One Brotherhood”.

Shadow Scouts are a Black Brotherhood sect who specialize in scouting operations: reconnoitering enemy forces, infiltrating forbidden areas, route-finding, crossing borders, stealth travel and wilderness survival. They are said to be actively scouting locations and recruiting members for a network of Dags, temples and caches in preparation for the collapse of civilization. They mark their presence with a sigil which represents the word “scout” in the Black Tongue, as pictured above.

The Blood-Bat is a symbol of predation, blood and death. It is favored by Vampiric sects that practice nocturnal predation such as the  Worgân-Zâkshodorz (“Vampire Templars”).

Borgâl is the language of the Shadow.” —Dark Lord Kârzathor

Borgâl (“Black Tongue”) is the magickal language used by the Dark Lords’ Order to invoke Force into themselves and command the external world. With this language, our Order shall rename all things in this world, thus imposing our thought-forms upon it and thereby conquering it. Borgâl shall also be our secret tongue, used to identify other members of our kind and separate ourselves from the Light Siders and mundanes of this world. Those who choose to learn Borgâl are a self-selecting elite, founders of a new cult, heralds of a new order and propagators of a new magickal regime. The symbol above represents “Borgâl” in the Hârzad script.