Nine Maxims of Sith Academy

The Nine Maxims

The Nine Maxims are general guidelines for living Nâzg Borodûn: in the Endarkened Way of the Sith:

Maxim 1: I have a burning desire to become a powerful and passionate Dark Lord.

Maxim 2: I have an unbreakable will to survive, struggle and conquer all enemies.

Maxim 3: I will always seek greater Force mastery in order to empower myself and the Order.

Maxim 4: I will be patient, cunning, and secretive in my quest for power.

Maxim 5: I will learn to speak Borgâl, the language of the dark side of the Force.

Maxim 6: I wish to defeat death and achieve immortality.

Maxim 7: I will seek out others who are Zyzân and borzân (Forceful and darkful) to become members of the Order.

Maxim 8: I will not recognize any authority above the authority of the Sith.

Maxim 9: I will glorify and immortalize the Order by defending and contributing to the Sith Temple.