Sith Academy: Acolyte Training

Sith Academy: Acolyte Training

This volume contains the first three books of training for Acolytes of Sith Academy: The Path of Power, Masters of the Will and Lords of the Force.

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About the Book

This volume contains the first three books of training for Acolytes of Sith Academy: The Path of Power, Masters of the Will and Lords of the Force.

Book One, The Path of Power, describes the events, revelations and ideas that initiated the Sith current on this planet, and invites others to take the first steps toward a new life in the Dark Side as a Sith Acolyte.

Book Two, Masters of the Will, is a blueprint for becoming the master your own will, body, mind, spirit and destiny, and the master of your own group of Sith Acolytes.

Book Three, Lords of the Force, reveals the nature and source of the Force, the metaphysical laws of its power, and various methodologies for commanding and conquering with it.

There is also a complete reference to the Black Tongue of Borgâl—the language of the Dark Side.

The Dark Lords make this knowledge available as a record of their revelations and work since the initial Omega Transmission in Imperial Year One. They do this to establish the Acolyte Path to the Dark Side for others to follow who will lead the Empire into the future. They also do this so that if they are ever killed and the Order is destroyed, there will remain a document from which others may rebuild the Order and revive the Sith current on this planet.

Study and guard this book well; the knowledge contained herein is potentially more powerful than the ability to destroy planets for those who have faith in the Dark Side.

8.5″ x 11″ paperback, 198 pages.

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Overview 4

Book I: The Path of Power

Inspiration 7
Holocron of Darth Imperius 16
Holocron of Darth Ravenus 27
Power-Craving Praxis 31
Echelon One Ideology 36
Echelon One Challenges 46
Black Papers 50
Student Holocrons 55

Book II: Masters of the Will

The Way of the Sith 61
The Empire 67
Masters of the Will 71
Willpower Theory 76
Willpower Praxis 81
Echelon Two Ideology 92
Echelon Two Challenges 96
Notes About The Empire Of Japan 100
Student Holocrons 102

Book III: Lords of the Force

Introduction 107
What is the Force? 108
The Source of the Force 115
Aspects of the Force 121
Force Sorcery 128
Force Warfare 135
Echelon Three Ideology 143
Echelon Three Challenges 147
Tales of the Force 151
Student Holocrons 158

Appendices 163

Dagz: Seeds of Empire 164
Imperial Cults 169
The Black Tongue 175

Series: The Sith Path, Book 1
ASIN: 069215180X
ISBN: 9780692151808

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About the Author
The Dark Lords

The Dark Lords are the leaders of an intergalactic order of Black Magicians dedicated to establishing the Evil Empire in our time. In their many books, they explore the implications of a universe ruled by the Dark Force, Vi Diaboli and the Black Sun—for the individual seeker, cults of the Dark Side and civilization as a whole. From their Black Temple, they are unlocking the secrets of magick and masterminding a new Order, a new age and a new regime of power. Merging metaphysical currents such as Sithism, Satanism, Black Sunnism, Diabolism and Dark Taoism, they are bringing all Dark Side sects on this planet under the shadow of their Black Magocracy.

In this Age of Endarkenment, let the Dark Lords be your guides beneath the Black Sun, beyond the Ninth Gate and into the depths of your own Shadow-mind. As they say in their Black Tongue: Thûl âsh urnûk (the world is ours)!

The Dark Lords may be contacted here.