Black Ninja Handbook

Black Ninja Handbook

The first training and indoctrination manual of the Black Ninja sect.

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About the Book

This book is a training manual for the shadow warriors of our Empire. It is written for Acolytes of our Black Brotherhood who choose to specialize in the dark arts of espionage, sabotage, assassination, stealth, scouting and covert operations of every kind.

Make no mistake: this is a dangerous book. The skills and ideas described herein are based on the hard-won knowledge of real shadow warriors who operated for centuries in harsh conditions, where the price of failure was often terrible death. Their very name—Ninja—meant those who lived with their hearts under a blade; those who walked a path of danger and faced death as a way of life.

Such dangerous knowledge is not meant for “armchair ninjas” who enjoy stories about “Leagues of Shadows” but have no intention of putting any of it into practice. No! This book is for those with the courage and will to act, to train and to transform themselves into lethal shadow-beings. Our Empire will need an army of such men of action to take our visions from the realm of imagination into the realm of material reality.

With the publication of this book, we are putting out a call and a challenge to those who wish to become the most feared operatives of our new Imperial order: the dark knights we call Black Ninjas. So read on, and discover if this is to be your destiny. In the words of a haiku I wrote the other day:

Ninja clans unknown
In shadows training, creeping
Are you one of us?

Master of Black Ninjutsu

The Black Temple Complex,
Imperial Year 6, Month 6 (February, 2017)

Publisher: Black Temple Publishing
Publication Year: Imperial Year 7 (2018)
ASIN: 1984014625
ISBN: 9781984014627

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About the Author
The Dark Lords

The Dark Lords are the leaders of an intergalactic order of Black Magicians dedicated to establishing the Evil Empire in our time. In their many books, they explore the implications of a universe ruled by the Dark Force, Vi Diaboli and the Black Sun—for the individual seeker, cults of the Dark Side and civilization as a whole. From their Black Temple, they are unlocking the secrets of magick and masterminding a new Order, a new age and a new regime of power. Merging metaphysical currents such as Sithism, Satanism, Black Sunnism, Diabolism and Dark Taoism, they are bringing all Dark Side sects on this planet under the shadow of their Black Magocracy.

In this Age of Endarkenment, let the Dark Lords be your guides beneath the Black Sun, beyond the Ninth Gate and into the depths of your own Shadow-mind. As they say in their Black Tongue: Thûl âsh urnûk (the world is ours)!

The Dark Lords may be contacted here.