The Dark Lords

The Dark Lords are the leaders of an intergalactic order of Black Magicians dedicated to establishing the Evil Empire in our time. In their many books, they explore the implications of a universe ruled by the Dark Force, Vi Diaboli and the Black Sun—for the individual seeker, cults of the Dark Side and civilization as a whole. From their Black Temple, they are unlocking the secrets of magick and masterminding a new Order, a new age and a new regime of power. Merging metaphysical currents such as Sithism, Satanism, Black Sunnism, Diabolism and Dark Taoism, they are bringing all Dark Side sects on this planet under the shadow of their Black Magocracy.

In this Age of Endarkenment, let the Dark Lords be your guides beneath the Black Sun, beyond the Ninth Gate and into the depths of your own Shadow-mind. As they say in their Black Tongue: Thûl âsh urnûk (the world is ours)!

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Sith Academy: Acolyte Training
Sith Academy: The Path of Power
Sith Academy: Masters of the Will
Sith Academy: Lords of the Force
Sith Academy: Dark Side Philosophy
Black Tongue Handbook
Book of the Black Sun

Book of the Black Sun


The first written testament of the philosophy, symbology, sorcery and ideology of Kâmûd-Dûn ("the Shadow Path"). The foundational book of Borzûm-Gâzûl—Order of the Black Sun—which encompasses all other Orders and ideologies propagated previously by the Dark Lords. Buy the full color paperback edition here. Buy the full color hardcover edition here. Buy the kindle edition here.

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Black Templar Handbook
Black Ninja Handbook