The Nine Canons of Sith Academy

The Nine Canons

The Nine Canons are the laws of the Sith Academy Order.

Canon 1 (Expulsion): I understand that violation of any of the Nine Canons or Nine Maxims of Sith Mastery is grounds for permanent expulsion from the Order. I understand that Acolytes may be expelled at any time by a Dark Lord, but higher ranking Sith must be expelled by decree of the two supreme Dark Lords.

Canon 2 (Chain of Command): I acknowledge that the Sith Academy chain of command flows directly from the dark side of the Force to the two supreme Dark Lords (“the Two”) to the nine subordinate Dark Lords (“the Nine”) to the Apprentices to the Acolytes.

Canon 3 (Nine Echelons): I understand that to become a Dark Lord, I must complete the Nine Echelons training program under the guidance of the Dark Lords.

Canon 4 (Apprenticeship): I understand that to become a Dark Lord, I must become an Apprentice of one of the Two and pass his final trials.

Canon 5 (Violations): I agree that if I find a Dark Lord to be in violation of any of the Nine Maxims or Nine Canons I will challenge him. If the issue is not resolved, I will appeal to the Two.

Canon 6 (Confidentiality): I agree to keep my training sessions with the Academy strictly confidential, and grant the Dark Lords consent to record and store them in the main Sith Academy Temple. I also agree that I will never reveal my membership in Sith Academy or any of my activities therein to anyone but a Dark Lord.

Canon 7 (Exclusivity): I agree to only pursue dark side training with the Dark Lords of Sith Academy; I will not associate with any other dark side orders unless it is the will of the Dark Lords.

Canon 8 (Alteration): I understand that the Nine Maxims and Nine Canons of Sith Mastery may only be altered by decree of the Two, as so guided by the dark side of the Force.

Canon 9 (Preservation): I understand that if both members of the Two are killed, a new Rule of Two will be formed from two of the surviving Dark Lords. If the Sith Academy Temple is destroyed, another Temple will be built by the Two. If all Dark Lords are killed, a new Sith Order should be formed by anyone recovering the stored records of the Order who feels so guided by the dark side of the Force.