The Legend of Darth Siluzon

{ The following is an excerpt from Sith Academy: The Path of Power. }

The Legend of Darth Siluzon

“As we begin our assault upon the men of light and shout out ‘power is our passion!’, the forces of the dark side will open up the conduits of chaos, the halls of the Immortals, the starways of Empire to our kind, and the universe will tremble and hail the dawn of our Age of Endarkenment and Power.” ~Darth Siluzon, Imperial Year 100

In the century to come, a great general and conqueror will emerge from our breeding ground of power; for there will be born Darth Siluzon—the Storm-Bringer. He and his two Commanders will direct our dark armies to march out and face the men of the light, killing all who don’t bow before the power of the Sith. Darth Siluzon shall not falter on this path of destruction; his power shall be a pure Force storm, the kind that brings down lightning from the sky, lays waste to temples and awakens mankind by conquering him—killing his gods, destroying his demigods, erasing them from the pages of history. This shall be the great work and destiny of Darth Siluzon.

We foresee that the Sith Imperium will take control of the governments of the world at the end of IY 100, with the conquests of Darth Siluzon. And the road to this great destiny shall be paved by the Dark Lords and Prophets of the Temple of the Sith, who shall make our Temple a center of world theocratic power by IY 60. At that point, the Dark Lords will have put the world on an ineluctable path to the Siluzon Conquest via their Sith Sorcery; they will command such a powerful Force vortex that no light side order will be able to deflect its course. The Siluzon Storm will come for the men of light, leaving vast ruin in its wake. How we smile at this prophecy of the fall of the men of light!

A Vision of Darth Siluzon, Storm-Bringer

Darth Siluzon will wield the multiversal Force as taught by Darth Omega, commanding mankind to follow his whims like pieces on a chessboard. He will sacrifice them all if need be, but at the end of the game, the world will be ours for the taking. For the Sith shall seize all thrones of power, and reign as tyrants and kings over mankind for untold centuries.

“The Dark Lords of the Sith were inflamed when my Force fire was unleashed upon this Earth, burning away false hopes, destitute dreams and meager destinies. And the Sith would prove victorious, declaring ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ to be the maxim of men of the light, its time now at an end. In its place we raised the banner of ‘Power is our Passion’ as the motto of the new age. We stood up to the men of light as lustful Sith Masters of the Universe and declared: I stand with my Sith Lords at my side, ready to fight you; ready to prove our right to rule; ready to conquer all that is weak; ready to fuel my soul with my burning lust for power. And so, victory was soon ours…” —Darth Siluzon