Nine Echelons

The Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery is a program of training that was designed by the founding Dark Lords of Sith Academy as inspired by the Omega Transmission and the climb to Mt. Imperius.

Note: Only Acolytes who complete Echelon One may be Apprenticed to a Dark Lord.

Echelon 1: Rakvashûk (Power-Craving)

Your will to power and commitment to the Sith Path is tested. You begin to develop your Sith persona and learn about Sith ideology.

Echelon 2: Rakuzhin (Willpower)

You develop the unbreakable Will and self-discipline necessary to complete your path of endarkenment.

Echelon 3: Rakuvril (Force power)

You awaken to the power of the Force and how to bend its energy to your will.

Echelon 4: Borzovrat (Dark Philosophy)

You learn Sith philosophy and ideology as expounded by the Dark Lords.

Echelon 5: Thrâz-Garathûl (Fear Mastery)

You learn how to confront and master the power of fear in yourself and others.

Echelon 6: Thorzhinzat (Domination)

You learn techniques to dominate others so that you can attract power into your life as a Sith.

Echelon 7: Thorakzat (Conquest)

You will learn how to begin establishing your sphere of power and attain victories over the lightsiders.

Echelon 8: Garathâgzat (Specialization)

You will develop your Sith Specialization and use your special skills and resources to acquire wealth and power for yourself and the Order.

Echelon 9: Borgashûl (Dark Lordship)

You will make a pilgrimage to the Sith Temple and be given your final trials. If you pass, you will be anointed a Dark Lord of the Sith.

More Information:

For more information about Sith Academy’s training program, read Sith Academy: The Path of Power. This book contains the Echelon One ideology and exercises required to begin your initiation into our secret Order.