Evaluating My Sith Persona By Acolyte Teraxia

Evaluating My Sith Persona

By Acolyte Teraxia


To evaluate my Sith persona, first let me say that my mind and soul alike are just as criminal as the last thought I’ve had—my hatred, my disbelief, my fear, my disgust, my passionall of which are darker and deeper than that which most beings could begin to understand. My emotions are as black and absolute as an onyx. In this archival text I will be describing to my lords of the Sith my hatred and what drives it, what or whom I serve in this world, my Sith specialization and why this suits me the most, describing my internal empire and what I am doing to manifest that world,and finally what Jedi/light side organizations I perceive to be the strongest and how I will go about destroying them.

1. My Hatreds

My hatred draws from many places in this world, it draws from sources both strong and weak. The hatred I bear is that of many years of oppression from authority, from those who I put what I thought trust was into, from every false religion I had been “blessed” by before my chains were broken by the true religion of this worldof this galaxy. This hate I bear comes from those who have betrayed me for own self-preservation, those who would turn a blind eye to me, those who would choose to have a dollar than to seek power and wisdom. My hatred boils from the ignorance of humanity! The pure “bliss” humanity sees as intelligence when all it is is false cults and false truths! Those who would rather choose a false god than to understand a planet’s preservation, who would allow all of these false beings to “protect and serve” them. My hatred all together comes from a false world and from false lives! So many fall blindly into the lies of the false authority; everyday an authority ruins the lives of humanity; everyday an officer kills an unarmed man; everyday a politician kills hundreds by passing bills to raise living costs and lowering incomes; everyday this world dies faster and faster from its own greed and arrogance. All of this fuels me, all of this hate allows me to see this false world for exactly that of what it isit allows me to pass by humanity as if I were a ghost, it gives me the power to morph this world like clay. Morph politicians like they are Plato, like they are just figurines standing by for my movement of them. This occurs because while humanity seeks their own demise, they stay focused on only that which they can see, which is not much. All humanity sees is there jobs, new bills and what is on T.V. They waste their lives, but this is beneficial to me for it allows me to morph this world as I please.

I have answered how I act upon this hatred but have not yet answered how I repress my hatred. It is simple my lords: I don’t repress my anger and hatred. I never repress any emotion I have, for all emotions can be used as a tool and all must be used as efficiently as possible. The issue with humans is that they feels the need to repress their emotions so they can go further in their jobs and talents. When you repress your hate, your passion, your fears then you become weak and unsure. To win over those weaker than you, you must first win over control of your own mind and emotions to use them against all who would seek to belittle you and to overcome you. “Steel yourself with hate, arm yourself with anger” is my slogan. I picture myself using my hate and passion in the future by constructing a fleet and a temple of followers that would bolster the Academy and Empire’s numbers ten-fold, to allow politicians and religious leaders alike to join our cause.

2. What I Serve

To say I serve the Empire would be both correct and incorrect. To say I serve the Sith would have the same effect. I truly serve my own intentions. Although these intentions also serve the Sith and Empire alike, I only serve my own pursuits, for my pursuits are of the greatest benefit to this galaxy. My intentions are to bring the Sith race to life here on planet Earth, to allow the Empire to take control of this system, to understand knowledge beyond this continent, this planet, this system. I serve myself and the true Sith of this universe. I do this willingly, for it serves purpose within this existence. If there is something stronger than the Sith, even then I would serve willingly but to only weaken and allow this new threat to eat itself away with its own internal weakness. I do all I do as a Sith agent of the endarkened Force to breathe it back to its true strength in this universe; to allow the Dark Side to defend itself once more. I do all I do willingly, for I will always find a way to create the shadow seed within the ground of anything or anyone who wishes to step in the way of these pursuits. To be in the way of these goals is to fade from the universe’s history, like a burnt-out star, crumbling away into small shards of endless stone, always to trying to find their way back to one piece but to no avail. For all who attempt to step in the way of the Sith, the Empire, and my own pursuits will be subject to this fate. Anyone who ruins a pursuit of mine, my new pursuit will be bent upon—not destroying, not removing them from existence but crushing their soul in so many pieces that the Force can no longer reside within them. Such a defeated being would continue through this existence as but a husk with simple thought. I will be the catalyst that brings in a new era to the galaxy.

3. My Sith Specializations

The specialization that intrigues me? It is that of Sith sorcery and that of the Sith Assassin, for both pull me towards them with haste. Both of these specializations whisper their dark embrace to me; as I sit and meditate for endless time, they place on both shoulders their hand of bone and hand of wisdom. This sends chills down my back, allows me to understand that the endarkened Force is an entity to harness or put in chains. I awake from my meditation and understand that to feel such a connection to the endarkened Force, I must follow the path of the Sith Sorcerer. With this power I store within my veins, within my voice, my very hands, I am to conquer knowledge and Sith power beyond that of who came before this world, if any. If not then I am to become what shakes the earth, why thunder chases the violent purple shards of lightning’s fury, the very molten magma that burned Pompeii. This is the power that is stored within the veins of the Sith Sorcerer. This is why I must pursue the power of Sith sorcery.

4. My Internal Empire

“Empire of the Dark Lord Teraxia”to hear this allows me to think and to contemplate an Empire that is advanced beyond that of humanity’s, an Empire that bows to no other source of power—one that would not be swayed by money nor redemption. This Empire would be absolute and one to last through time itself. An orbital space station would be built around the planet to create a balanced environment as restoration is done as needed to the planet. These orbital space ports would also be home to the civilians of the Sith Empire, labs, etc. While the civilians live up above, the Sith would choose their occupancy but the temples and tombs of the Sith would be built on the planet below. For by the time the Empire is established as the new planetary government, the planet will be completely endarkened by the seeds of the endarkened Force, giving all power to the Sith. In creating this system there will be ample amounts of Acolytes to be tested and proven on the surface of the planet. The Sith would grow steadily to ensure the control over the Empire. To manifest this, I must become one of the greatest Sith to walk this planet, which is already occurring. The endarkened Force flows through me like my very own blood. I will speak more of this in another archive. To manifest my power, knowledge, tactics, persuasion, cunning and passion are key in becoming a Lord of the Sith.

5. The Enemies of the Sith

In this galaxy and this universe there will always be enemies to discover and to crush, and many different ways to go about it. On this planet we have two very strong hostiles that should be eliminated before the Empire is constituted or the Empire will fall the day it is established. The first of these hostile factions I am aware of is the Jedi temples and cult within Australia. Australia has been home to the Jedi for years now and they have dug into it deeply. This is why a frontal assault would never succeed. They are simply too many and too bolstered for a frontal assault from the Sith to achieve victory. Instead, we must choose an undermining assault both from within and from the outside. To go about this, we need to have two or even three Apprentices of our Academy run to the Academy and temples of the Jedi and plead for redemption from the enlightened Force and make peace. This will succeed because the Jedi are strong within the Force as well; those who disregard this fact will fall sooner to a civilian than a Jedi and do not deserve the right to be within the Academy of the Sith. Jedi are strong and nearly as cunning but have one fatal flaw, Sith Acolytes: they cannot turn away a broken soul, they cannot pass a chance to “redeem” someone to the light side of the Force. Once the Apprentices have been planted within their temples and academies they will discover intel and even cautiously spread the seeds of the endarkened Force into other padawans’ minds. Doing this will take timea month, a year, a few years. This is of no concern.

The Academy also has another enemy very close being a light side faction, but is not a formal faction. This faction consists of all those who you see on the streets, watching their TVs, driving their cars and working at their jobs. I’m speaking of the world’s civilians and tools of the present system. When they see an actual Sith force coming to power they will stop at nearly nothing to put an end to it before it begins. For the Sith have a reputation for being destroyers and corrupters, even though this is not true in all cases. The civilians of this world are a large threat to the Empire and Sith alike because of their numbers and their programmed minds. There is a tactic to stop them in their tracks though; this tactic is how the United States and most other governments of this world control their populations: by allowing the public to think they are in control. They do this by showing nothing but negative news on the television, and then showing a good heart-warming story to show that the people have elected the correct official to lead them. But this is all just a ploy to make them think that choosing a certain president or certain governor is helping them, when the real reason is to allow the civilians to believe they have power. We will use the same tactic, and we will turn it on the Jedi and whoever else decides to challenge the Sith Empire. When this is complete, it will be time to launch our assault upon the Jedi in Australia. By then, we will have collected all the Intel we need to undermine the Jedi, leaving them no choice but to retreat and join us or be caged for intelligence or be taken down along with all other Jedi temples and academies within Australia. This will send a signal to all other Jedi and Light side factions that the Sith Empire has arrived and has taken this planet halfway before they could even make a first blink at what has happened. After this example, we will pursue full control over the planet.

This concludes my report for Echelon One, Challenge Six.

Râk âm chod!

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