Jenzas  are sacred stone mounds or shrines, similar to Scottish cairns, Hawaiian ahus, Mongolian ovoos or Tibetan stupas.

All new Acolytes are expected to build a jenza to symbolize their allegiance to the Sith Order and the Black Temple. Find a strategic location in the city, woods, desert or mountains, and begin building and supplying your jenza.  Choose a place with a lot of rocks, rubble, wood or other material lying around that you can use for construction. The jenza should be built in a cube shape to symbolize the main Temple being constructed by the Dark Lords. Don’t forget to paint or mark it with the nine-pointed grazuval  symbol of our Order.

jenzas are designed as places of meditation, commemoration, and dark side power. Here are some examples of types of jenza to construct:

  • Sepulchral jenza – in which the remains of Dark Lords are interred.
  • Artifact jenza – in which the items interred are objects which belonged to Dark Lords, such as a robe, weapon or holocron.
  • Commemorative jenza – built to commemorate events in the lives of a Dark Lord or the Sith order.
  • Symbolic jenza – to symbolize aspects of Sith mythology and ideology, such as the revelation of Darth Omega or the overthrow of the light side.
  • Votive jenza – constructed to gain spiritual benefits for dark side seekers.
  • Territorial jenza – to mark territory claimed by the Sith Empire

Below are some examples of jenzas built by Sith Acolytes & Apprentices.