Sithism is the dark side philosophy and path of power followed by the Sith. Below are nine pillars of this philosophy.

The Primacy of Power

“What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the Will to Power, power itself in man. What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power increases – that a resistance is overcome.” This is the Diamond Rule of Sithism.

The Tao of Darwin

Darwinian evolution is the central fact of life on this planet. From the simplest microbes to the most complex intelligent life forms, from genes to memes, nations to corporations, everything in nature exists in a perpetual struggle for dominance. This struggle is the source of all progress, all empowerment, all evolution. The Sith therefore embrace Darwinism as a moral imperative.

The Force

The Sith believe that all life is charged with a vital energy called the Force, similar to “chi”, “ki” “shakti” and “mana” in other traditions. Cultivating the Force is the key to increasing one’s personal power and attaining Sith mastery.

The Power of the Dark Side

“Man needs what is most evil in him for what is best in him.” To maximize his power, man must learn to embrace his hûznarg  (mind-shadow) and awaken all aspects of his nature. Man’s dark side can be his most potent ally, but only if it is brought under control with Sith discipline.

Esoteric Oligarchy

Power over the outer cosmos belongs to those who have mastered the inner cosmos: the sorcerers and psychic supermen, not the Forceless and the mundane. The Sith therefore oppose socialism, democracy and egalitarianism and favor rule by an endarkened elite.

Temple Network

The power of the Sith order is concentrated in our Temples, where the Dark Lords conduct their training and empowerment rituals. Anyone wishing to become a Dark Lord will be required to construct their own Sith Temple and add its power to our network.

The Black Tongue

Borgal (“Black Tongue”) is the liturgical and magical language of the Dark Lords that allows them to bend the Force and shape the world according to their wills. To become a Dark Lord, all Sith Academy students are required to learn Borgal.


Sith mystics believe that everything imaginable exists in a larger multiverse of mind. Therefore the Sith of the Galaxy Far, Far Away are real, but exist in another universe accessible only through the “third eye”. The basis of this belief was the inter-universal transmission of knowledge from Darth Omega to our Order’s founder, Darth Imperius.

Galactic Empire

For the Sith, the cosmos is a call to greatness and a place to acquire unlimited power. The primary exoteric goal of the Sith is to drive civilization toward ever-higher levels of organization and power – to establish global, solar and galactic Empires under borzwatûk  (dark side rule).