The Sith Path is first and foremost a path of destruction, because before anything powerful can be built, that which is weak must be destroyed. Our path takes two forms: esoteric and exoteric, or inner and outer, destruction.

Esoterically, the Sith Path is a process of cutting away the conditioning and propaganda that accumulates in the mind of every civilized person from birth; of deconstructing the disempowering memes which have been implanted in our minds by a culture that has a different agenda from our own; of immunizing ourselves against the lies of a light side society that would reduce us all to sleepers and slaves.

The four tools I have found most useful on the path of inner destruction are: Zazen, Memetics, Logic and Conflict.

Zazen: Zazen is the sitting meditation practice used by Zen Buddhists, and is said to be the practice which led to Śākyamuni the Buddhaâ’s enlightenment. In Zazen, one simply quiets the mind and follows the breath in an effort to experience pure awareness. I find Zazen to be of great benefit in separating myself from my thoughts, feelings and personality, giving me enhanced awareness of and control over them.

Memetics: Memetics is the science of infectious ideas. It provides a useful framework for thinking about any idea or cultural phenomenon, at the level of both individuals and societies. When you begin to think of your thoughts as infections, which use your mind as a carrier and have a life of their own, including a desire to grow and reproduce, you develop a detachment and objectivity toward them that is very illuminating.

Logic: Logic consists of the laws of thought. When you must think, you should use logic to avoid false conclusions and make good decisions. There is an expression: “that which can be destroyed by the truth should be,” and logic is a most powerful tool for destroying untruths.

Conflict: Conflict is the means by which the Sith adept tests what he has learned, discards failed ideas and keeps himself from falling asleep. It is a reflection of the natural order, in which all life struggles endlessly for supremacy, and thereby renews itself and grows stronger. We fight because it is how we prove the power of our philosophy.

Together, these tools can be used to deconstruct any idea, immunize against any memetic virus, optimize one’s mental functioning and maximize one’s power. Zazen deconditions the mind, allowing you to become aware of the memes that are constantly battling for conscious attention; the “monkey mind” of which the Buddhists speak can be thought of as the inner chatter of memes. Zazen also clarifies perceptions and disciplines the mind, which can be very beneficial when engaging in rigorous logical thought or combat. Use Zazen to become aware of your memes, then use logic to decide which memes are beneficial (symbionts) and which are harmful (parasites or viruses). Zazen gives you a foundation in unconditioned awareness, to realize that you are not your memes, and your memes are not you. Memetics gives you a way to think objectively about your own mental ecosystem and cultural programming. Logic helps you decide which memes to implant, which to retain and which to reject. Conflict is the final test which determines which memes are fit enough to survive, and which must die.

There is a little mantra I sometimes use when I wish to remind myself of the path of inner destruction: “Deconstruct! Meditate! Fight!” To me, a Sith master is a kind of warrior-monk or ninja, forever meditating in darkness, deconstructing his delusions, honing his mental arsenal and launching attacks on all that is false and weak.

There is a term I like to use to describe the result of this inner deconstruction and reconstruction: Black Diamond Mind. For a Sith master’s mind must be as indestructible and fire-forged as diamond, as finely cut as the finest gemstone, and as dark as the blackest void. This is the inner alchemy that all who wish to call themselves Sith Lords must achieve: The forging of the mind into an unbreakable weapon of mass destruction by the black fame of self-deconstruction.