Echelon One: Saber Meditation

The Saber Meditation is an exercise to empower the mind, control the body and channel Force power through your weapon. You will need a lightsaber, sword, staff or other long weapon to do this exercise.

Go into your Rakadwan and put on your Acolyte uniform. Take your saber or weapon of choice and sit in the seiza position: on your knees, buttocks on heels, toes pointing backwards, back straight.  If this position is painful for you, you will need to practice or get thicker padding. Sith prefer this position for meditation because we can quickly spring into action — we are warriors, not Jedi navel-gazers!

Hold your blade straight out with both hands and gaze at it. If you’re using a lightsaber, make sure it’s turned on. Quiet your mind, relax and stay absolutely still. Don’t go into a trance; just follow your breath, be aware of your surroundings and ignore any thoughts that come into your mind. Think of your saber as a lightning rod, channeling Force power from the universe into your body and mind. Feel your power growing with every inhale.

If you are new to meditation, it will take practice to be able to hold this posture for more than a few minutes. Do the Saber Meditation daily until you are able to do it for at least 5 to 10 minutes without movement. If you are more advanced or have the will, do a longer meditation. Show us your power!

Make a video of yourself doing this meditation, and take at least one picture, and email them to sithacademy66@gmail.com or contact us by Skype: sithacademy..

It is so ordered.

–The Dark Lords of Sith Academy