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Echelon One: Revan Mask

Now that you have completed your Mask challenge, the Dark Lords of the Academy would like you to better understand how to harness the power of your mask. To do this, it is instructive to study the story of the legendary Darth Revan. As you will see, he was a former Jedi who used his mask to become one of the most powerful Sith Lords of all time.


Acquire and read the following book:

Submit a written report (2-3 page double spaced) about how the story is changing your perceptions, and magnifying the power of your mask and other powers of yours. If it is exceptionally written well, we will consider placing your report in our upcoming book. Also, we require that you talk briefly with us by Skype outlining the main points of the book.

Consider this report to be the most challenging yet in proving to us that you are Sith or have the potential to be Sith. If you are truly Sith, it will come out in your written and/or oral report to us. If you are a Dark Jedi or even Jedi, that will also come out and you will be directed elsewhere.

It is so ordered.

–The Dark Lords of Sith Academy