Sith Academy Zhawath (Acolyte) Barden gives an excellent presentation the first Maxim of the Sith: Rakvashûk (power-craving). video locked right now; stand by; Ra. 

Echelon One: Power-Craving (Rakvashûk)

The Nine Mental Weapons are nine ways the Sith Master uses his mind as a tool for acquiring power. In Echelon One, we require the Acolyte to demonstrate the first Mental Weapon: Power-Craving (“Rakvashûk” in our Black Tongue).


Read “Maxim One” in the “Ideology” section of this book to get a better understanding of what is meant by Rakvashûk (pronounced “rock-VAW-shook”), and why it is so important to the Sith.

For this challenge, you should also acquire the Sith Imperial podium/altar cloth with the Sith nonagram symbol, which you can use in your sermons and personal rituals, or wear on your arm. The podium cloth/ur own cloth may be utilized; use ur best judgment always; Ra. Skype: sithacademy

When you are ready, put on your Acolyte uniform and go into your Power Space. Put the podium cloth in an appropriate place or wear it on your arm. Hold this book in your hands and imagine that you are delivering an inspirational sermon at your own Sith Temple. Search your feelings and awaken your Rakvashûk. Do you feel it? That’s the power of the Dark Side!

Make a short video of yourself delivering this sermon, discussing and demonstrating what power-craving means to you. You may wish to read and discuss a passage from this book. When you are done, email the video to or contact us by Skype at handle “sithacademy”.