Challenge One: Space of Power (Rakadwan)

You should establish a space of power (Rakadwan in our dark tongue) for your Sith meditations, rituals and exercises. This could be a room or part of a room where you keep your meditation and exercise equipment, weapons (sword, knife, lightsaber, staff, etc.), masks, banners and other items used in your training. It could also be a location outdoors where you feel the Force strongly. Be sure to include at least one weapon in your Rakadwan — a Sith should never be caught unarmed!

We encourage you to put a Nonagram or other power symbol in your Rakadwan to show your allegiance to our Sith vision. Our power symbols are explained later in this book and can be printed out at

Once you have set up your Rakadwan, take at least one picture and/or video and provide it to your Sith Master or Dâg Brother for reflection and/or feedback. Note: If you are training in-person at the Sith Academy Compound, you will show your Rakadwan to the Academy’s Dark Lords for inspection and review.

Rak Am Chod!

~The Dark Lords