The Rule of Twos is a phenomenon of pairs of Sith working together to further the power of the Empire on this planet and beyond. Each pair will operate as a Brotherhood of Two, and their first task will be to build a Sith temple in their region.

The Academy is currently operating under the Imperial Directive code-named Operation Black Sun, as decreed by the  Dark Lords of the Academy. This Directive will give aspiring Sith guidance in building a temple, whether it’s in their backyard, deep in the wilderness or in the central park of town, and dedicating it to the Rule of Twos.

Sith Academy’s Dark Lords will offer instruction in how to build a Sith temple via skype, email and video. We do this knowing that within each temple lies the key to power and immortality. We dedicate our lives to building them so that our kind will leave a lasting mark on this planet of the power and passion of the Sith. We do this knowing that for the Sith to rule the Galaxy, we must first establish these monuments to our power.

At any temple construction site, the Force is to be used to erect the temple and dedicate it to the Sith Academy Rule of Twos. Two and only two Sith will design and build the temple to completion as a demonstration of their Force power. Once the two Sith complete their temple to the satisfaction of two other Dark Lords of the Academy, they will be granted the titles “Darth” and “Dark Lord”.

Every temple must operate as a separate, self-contained order. This means that only the Brotherhood of Two of each temple will be allowed access to that temple grounds, and they will not know the locations of any other temples.

The methods and guidelines for temple construction shall be kept secret until the presiding Dark Lords of the Academy choose a few promising Sith, at times and places of their choosing, to build the next “Rule of Twos” temples of our order. Anyone wishing to be considered for Dark Lordship should make contact with the Academy by acquiring the Path of Power and our Sith Templar books  here for USA or here for UK/Europe Zith and/or by Skype: cyber-bitch –if you are not able to afford one/or have one shipped to you, etc.

It is so ordered…

–The Dark Lords of Sith Academy