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The Dark Lords clear the ground for the Black Temple


In 2011, Darth Imperius had a revelation and founded Sith Academy on 9/11/11. Imperial Year 1 was declared.

In I.Y. 2, the Dark Lords had a vision of a Black Temple that would be ground zero of their new Empire.

In I.Y. 3, they located a Force nexus and began clearing the ground for the Temple.

In I.Y. 4, they laid the foundation, raised the two pillars of power, and began their meditations and rituals at the Temple grounds.

And so, the age of the Sith Temple and the Sith conquest of this planet has officially begun.

Only Sith Academy Dark Lords are allowed on the grounds of the Black Temple. Apprentices who complete our training program will be eligible to visit the Temple and be awarded the Dark Lord title in the presence of the Two supreme Dark Lords. All other parties beware: Stay away from the Black Temple, or face the wrath of the Sith!