Omega Pit:

The Dark Lords are in the process of constructing the next major addition to the Sith Academy complex: The Omega Pit. This will be an arena where Acolytes can engage in lightsaber combat, martial arts, yoga and other Sith training and rituals. When completed, the Pit will be a circular courtyard paved with dark flagstones, with bleachers around the perimeter where the Dark Lords and students can observe the action.

To accelerate the completion of the Omega Pit, we are calling on all supporters of the Empire and the Sith way of life to purchase a flagstone for the Pit. Sponsors will get their name or personal symbol engraved on the flagstone, immortalizing their contribution to the Sith Academy complex. To sponsor a flagstone, contact the Academy at The Dark Lords will contact you about your desired engraving, and provide you with pictures and videos of your engraved stone.

Hail to the Empire and long live the Sith!