Echelon One: Sith Mantra and Salute

This exercise demonstrates control of your mind and body, and the power of the Sith mantra and salute.

Go to your Rakadwan and put on your uniform and mask. Quickly bring your right fist to your chest, then punch it straight out and hold it. Your knuckles should be vertical like you’re holding a lightsaber; your arm should be angled slightly upward.

Now begin chanting the Sith Academy Mantra in our Borgal Tongue:

Rak ash vazûl unûk.
Shaz ash vodûn unûk.
Borûk ashal twazûl.
Vril kazhal Borgazûl.

{ listen }

English version:

Power is our passion
War is our way
Darkness is our destiny
The Force shall set us free

Chant in a steady, powerful rhythm. Keep your body still, and don’t let your arm drop.

Do this for at least 5 to 10 minutes. To finish, bring your fist back to your chest hard, then straight down to your side.

Email a video of yourself doing this mantra and salute to or contact us by Skype: sithacademy.


It may be helpful to stare at one of our power symbols while you do this mantra to focus your attention and increase your Force power. A list of them can be found here.

Also, start thinking about a unique power symbol that represents your Force power. Every Acolyte will need to create such a symbol to become a Dark Lord.

It is so ordered.

–The Dark Lords of Sith Academy