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To Begin Your Indoctrination & Training:

Sith Academy is a new kind of dark side training school based on the philosophy of Sithism. We are currently on a quest to attract exceptional Acolytes and Apprentices to infect this planet with the religion of Sithism, and give birth to a new race of Sith Supermen. To begin your initiation into our Sith Order and commence your Dark Lord training, read the notes below and submit the form. All Acolytes will be considered for Apprenticeship under the Dark Lords of Sith Academy only after they have completed their Echelon One Challenges listed at the site or in our book. Acolytes will be trained via Skype and/or email. Note that to become a Sith Acolyte or Apprentice, you must be at least 18 years old. For more information, contact us by Skype at handle “sithacademy”.

Remember: the Academy is the future of the Sith!

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