“The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.” —Darth Vader

The Force goes by many names on this planet: Indian Yogis call it “prana”; Chinese Taoists call it “chi”, ancient Egyptians called it “ka”, the Japanese call it “ki”, Tibetan Buddhists call it “lüng”, Sufis call it “barakah”, Polynesians call it “mana” and Theosophists call it “vril”. While they differ in some details – for example, barakah is thought to emanate from God, mana is found in inanimate objects, while the Force of the Galaxy Far, Far Away is an energy field created by all living things – in every tradition they are the key to developing one’s spiritual and psychic power. Sadly, modern science denies the very existence of such a force, which may explain the rather wretched spiritual state of our civilization.

At Sith Academy we often speak of “dark force”, “dark energy” or simply “the dark”, to reflect our belief in the superior power of the dark side of the Force. In our model, dark energy is a universal energy field – which may or may not be the same as the one postulated by cosmologists – which is driving the galaxies apart and moving the cosmos toward a state of universal darkness. Whatever science may claim, there is no doubt that the Force is at least subjectively real; that it is a potent thoughtform which can empower your mind and thereby increase your power over the universe at large.

The exercises below are some of the simplest, most powerful methods we have found to begin cultivating the dark energy which surrounds us. Do them in sequence or in parallel and see if you begin to feel a black flame igniting within you. For best results, you should record each session in your Initiate Holocron. As we say in the ancient Sith language: Nyâshâsot (much struggle)!

1. Breath of Fire: Breath of Fire is a basic technique of Kundalini Yoga which is designed to open energy pathways within your body and increase your Force power. Perform at least three hundred breaths of fire daily for two weeks, increasing the length and intensity of the sessions as you progress. Record you results in your holocron.

2. Dark Energy Ball: The Dark Energy or Chi Ball exercise is a powerful Taoist technique for becoming aware of your psychic energy. Perform this exercise at least once a day for two weeks and record your results in your holocron.

3. Jenmidwan: The Jenmidwan (“dark power”) or “Sodarshan” Yoga is one of the most powerful of all Sith Yoga exercises. It is known to develop your Force powers (siddhis) and to clear subconscious blockages that may be psychically weakening you.

Instead of using the “waheguru” mantra, you should substitute a Sith mantra such as “Sith’ari” (“Perfected Being”). For best results, this exercise should be performed for 40 days. You may find that it releases powerful dark emotions from your subconscious mind; as a Sith disciple, you should not fear this, but take power from it! Record your experiences in your holocron.

4. Visualization: Sith Lord Naga Sadow said: “Here in my meditation chamber I can see the galaxy in my mind’s eye—I can visualize vast armies, powerful fleets, invincible warriors—and with Sith arts, my imagination can make them real!” Like Lord Sadow, we who seek to will the Sith Empire into existence must develop our powers of imagination to superhuman levels. Visualization is the key to harnessing the power of the universal dark energy and manifesting the Empire.

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Sit comfortably and place the Sith Nonagram image above in front of you. You can print the image out and place it in your meditation chamber or just sit at your computer. Relax and fix your gaze upon the Nonagram for several minutes. If your mind or gaze wanders, bring it back to the image. Now close your eyes and visualize the image through your third eye (the point between your eyebrows). The image may fade, distort or move around; just keep bringing it back. Do this for several minutes. Repeat this exercise for several days, and do the same for the image below.

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Next, visualize one or more scenes from the future Sith Empire, such as the Sith Nonagram rising over a capitol building, armies marching, fleets of spaceships, the Jedi being defeated or yourself in the role of a Sith Lord. Make these visualizations a part of your daily meditation routine for several weeks, and allow them to become more vivid and detailed as you progress. Record your progress in your holocron.

5. Sith Salute and Mantra: This exercise harnesses the power of repetitive chanting and poses; in Yoga these are called “mantras” and “asanas”. Mantras are a way to focus the “prana”, or universal force. When you chant and pose in this way, you are invoking the Force and programming yourself for Sith mastery. Do the exercise in the video below for at least 10 days. Chant for at least 10 minutes each time, and record the results in your holocron.