Sith Academy Lesson: Maxim One (Rakvashûk)

The Nine Maxims of Sith Academy are guidelines for living Nazg Borzovrat – the Endarkened Way.

Read Maxim One below, then complete the assignment that follows.


I have a burning desire to become a powerful Dark Lord.

This Maxim and the principles contained herein are the first key to what makes a few men great and the rest weak. Rakvashûk is the insatiable craving for power that all who are destined for the Sith life must possess. Most would-be Sith, when they first arrive at the doorsteps of the Academy seeking Dark Lordship, are not equipped for such an undertaking, having been programmed by lightsiders their whole lives. Only Rakvashûk can motivate and sustain them on this long and trying path.

It may take years to achieve the rank of Dark Lord, and the chance of failure is great. That is why, to have an opportunity to turn their dark dream into a reality, the Rakvashath, or power-craver, must be chosen for Apprenticeship by a Master at the Academy after an evaluation period. The most exceptional Zhawath, or Acolyte, may be chosen for Apprenticeship immediately; for others it may take up to a year, or never happen. Your selection for Chuzwanûl (Apprenticeship) depends on the Force, and your ability to will and bend it to make your dream of becoming a Dark Lord a reality.

Also, be mindful that some individuals, particularly those in the Borzwakan or Dark Council of the Academy, were born with the dark gift very strongly, yet were still required to train themselves in the dark principles of the Force as spelled out in our Maxims. We are not a band of carnivales or comrades who cherish each other’s company; we are sorcerers of the Borgazûl, a black brotherhood who are called to operate this school of power and magic, and who are sought out by those who require magic of the black variety in their lives, or none at all! In the end, those who come to us will be dead or severely broken if their dream of becoming a Dark Lord is not fully realized, because what remains out in the mundane world is not magic but a passionless, enslaved existence for dumbed-down, desperate animals who live in sleep and hang at the end of their ropes!

To know Dark Lordship is to understand that the Force is a rope to do with as you will and as you must: climb out of pits of despair or make nooses for enemies who stand in the way of your unlimited power! But this dream will never materialize for you if you do not burn with a desire to become a passionate Sith who chooses, or is chosen by, the path of the dark side Shazath (warrior). Stay on the path of the dark side warrior and great things may come to pass for you; lose interest in your training, and you will hear the deathly sounds of doorways being flung open to prisons and still more horrible places. Such is the fate of darksiders who fail to band together and train for the pursuit of power and passion as Sith Lords.

To lack this understanding or to live another way is to violate the Endarkened Way of Nazg Borzovrat spelled out in our Sith Maxims and Canon laws. To fight and conquer the world as Force or vril Masters in disguise is only possible if we place the dark side above all beings in this world. We must make it our greatest love so that it will never cheat on us, or we on it.

Becoming a Dark Lord is all about passion; without it, one will lose interest in selfish things and become a beggar and servant of men. We implore you to not be content as a passionless bottom feeder, but to be a perceptive Sith and realize that the Force has brought you to our doors for a reason: to seize this opportunity for power and never return to your path of passionless, vrilbran existence. Be Sith or be gone! Live by Maxim One or return to the weakness from whence you came! Hear the Temple gong sound for you as you begin your day and make this Borgazûl code your daily mantra:

“Rak ash vazûl unûk. Shaz ash vodûn unûk. Borûk ashal twazûl. Vril kazhal Borgazûl.”

A Sith Master knows all too well that on our magical path, we come to a jumping-off place or point of no return. Anyone who aspires to become a Dark Lord within our Order must know that to become something greater than good, one needs to be ever mindful of the terrible power of weakness, and how it only leads men to the gallows and graves of defeat. To be defeated is not our way; anyone who has been put down or humiliated and who wishes never to repeat it will understand why seeking power and passion is the way of the Sith. This is Rakvashûk. To face it, without fear; to embody it; to attest to and hold on to the principle of power-craving, over ourselves and others, is the way of our kind.

To aspire and maintain passion for Dark Lordship, you must be prepared to face the borzhûmza: the dark place in yourself where only a few dare go, yet which holds the key to immortality and power. You can think of of your education here at the Academy as the forging of a new being, and yourself as a black diamond being carved into a gem that is very rare, very dark, and indestructible. But this forging is a long, difficult process; only through slow, dark years of suffering can you win the race to the starting line of Sith greatness: Dark Lordship!

To become a permanent member of our Dark Council, you must prove your desire to see your Black Temple built, and to be interred within it. In this way, you can become an immortal Dark Lord, whether you leave this planet in a starship or a meager coffin. For your aura will remain at the Temple, your power and knowledge will mold the minds of future Dark Lords, and through them, echo into eternity. Only the immortalized Sith hold lasting power, which the Rakvashathk among mankind will forever crave for themselves. For no matter what may befall this world, there must always be some to embody power and others to crave it!

Remember these words when you are feeling confusion, pain, thoughts of weakness and light side temptations. These temptations may try to draw you away from our ways, and to those who can’t resist, we say: “begone!” But be certain that this is your true will and destiny, for once you leave our dark path, there can be no return. Recall this Maxim often, and ask yourself if you truly want to return to your life of slavery and subservience, or if you have the Force to walk the path of the lords who say, with heads unbowed: The world is ours!


Reading Exercise: Describe at least three qualities every Sith Academy student must have to become a Dark Lord, according to Maxim One.

Personal Exercise: Evaluate whether you possess each of these qualities. What things have you done and/or are you willing to do to demonstrate them?

Practical Exercise: Show us something that demonstrates your passion for becoming a Dark Lord. This can be something you have achieved or created, a video testimonial, pictures, documentation, writing , etc. It is up to you to provide whatever material best demonstrates your Rakvashûk.