Evaluating Your Sith Persona

Read the  following black paper, written by a Sith Academy Dark Lord

Now answer the following questions:

1. Describe some of your greatest hatreds in life – it could be a person, and idea, an experience or something else. How do these hatreds motivate you? How do you repress or act on these hatreds now, and how would you like to act on them in the future?

2. Whom or what do you currently serve? Do you serve them willingly, or unwillingly? Why?

3. What are the main roles you play in the world right now? What are some roles you would like to play?

4. Describe your “internal empire” – a vision of a different world that inspires and motivates you. What are you doing to manifest that world?

5. Who do you think are some of the most powerful “Jedi”/light side factions on this planet?

Email your answers to masters@sithacademy.com