Sith Academy was founded by Darth Imperius and Darth Ravenus, two successful entrepreneurs who had a vision of a new kind of organization that can conquer the chaotic world of the 21st century.


Darth Ravenus

Darth Ravenus has been called a marketing genius, a person with a gift for turning ideas into reality and creating prosperity for everyone around him. He is one of two Dark Lords at Sith Academy, and has several apprentices whom he is grooming to become the next Lords of the planet. Lord Ravenus is also a world traveler, Jungian master and Sith yogi who is able to call the Force in an instant.



Darth Imperius

Darth Imperius is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Sith Academy. He promotes Sithism as a new spirit of greatness and power for this planet and beyond. Lord Imperius has a background in science and technology, a keen interest in Nietzschean philosophy, Zen Buddhism, memetics and space exploration, all of which he combines in his vision of Sithism.




The Future

The Darths believe the 21st century world is going to be a place of extremes: haves and have-nots, chaos and order, new empires and failed states, black markets and monopolies. The strongest and most resourceful will thrive, while the rest will sink into the global mass of powerless humanity. Disruptive technology will create anarchy and police states, memetic wizards will battle for control of human minds, and terrorism, economic obsolescence and natural disasters will make human beings increasingly expendable.

In this hyper-competitive global environment, those with true Sith nature who embrace the Darwinian struggle will rise above the rest. Sith Academy is an organization designed to thrive in this environment, to produce winners with a larger vision and will to power. For no matter what the future may bring, the Darths believe this above all: The world is ours!