Greetings Sith Academy student and aspiring Dark Lord. You have been granted entry into our Academy and should begin your training by reading the following carefully.

The Dark Lords of Sith Academy have developed a Nine Echelons Training Program for all aspiring Sith and Dark Jedi. Working through our Nine Echelons training system will test your innate powers of mind and body to will and bend the Force. Only those born strong in the Force, who can conquer weakness and erect monuments to power such as our Black Temple, will be chosen for Dark Lordship at the Academy.

Each training Echelon contains a series of lessons and trials that will be sent to you by email. Each Echelon may take several months or more to complete; upon completion of all nine Echelons, you will be eligible to come to our Temple and be anointed Dark Lord.

As part of your training, you will be expected to purchase some items from Sith Academy such as masks, uniforms, medallions, robes, weapons and books. Proceeds from these items will support the Academy’s operations. Costs of items will be low, under $20 in most cases, and there will be at most two items to purchase per Echelon.

Our training system begins with Echelon One, which is the following:

Echelon One: Chyanamzat (Evaluation)

Your dark side strengths, weaknesses and passions are evaluated so that a training program can be built around them. Your commitment to the Sith Path is tested; you begin to develop your Sith persona and learn about Sith ideology.

Your first Lesson begins now!

Lesson One: Identity Shock

The Sith Path is first and foremost a path of inner destruction, because before you can become a more powerful being, that which is weak in you must be destroyed.

The path of inner destruction is a process of cutting away the conditioning and propaganda that accumulates in the mind of every civilized person from birth; of destroying the disempowering memes that have been implanted in your mind by a culture that has a different agenda from our own; of immunizing yourself against the lies of a light side society that would reduce you to a sleeper and a slave.

How is this inner destruction achieved? There are many methods we shall discuss; the first one is “Identity Shock.” Identity Shock means shocking yourself out of your conditioned personality and taking on a new, darker persona. A powerful way to do this is by changing your appearance.

Your first task is to find a disguise for your face that you can use in all visual communications with the Academy. Any mask, hood, or scarf will work for now until we feel you are ready to receive a Sith Academy mask from us. Always remember that as Sith, we are to remain secretive and should never reveal our real selves to others, including our fellow Sith Academy students. Also, choose a suitable Sith name to go by while you are studying here at the Academy.


If you have any questions about these instructions, you may contact the Academy here:

Skype: sithacademy

It is so ordered.

The Dark Lords of Sith Academy