Blotter art for sheets of LSD released shortly after “Phantom Menace

Disclaimer: This post is purely informational I do not encourage or condone illegal drug use.

Before the hippies came along and ruined everything with their “peace and love,” “power to the people” fantasies, psychedelic drugs were the province of an elite, somewhat Sithy stratum of society. In the 1950s and early 60s, psychonautic research was carried out by quality gentlemen such as Albert Hoffman, Alfred Hubbard, Aldous Huxley and Gordon Wasson, and controlled primarily by the CIA. The story of LSD’s early days, as a promising tool of mind control, psychological reprogramming, consciousness expansion and psychic power, is one of the most incredible, yet least discussed chapters of modern history. A portal into a different reality was briefly opened back then, but it was slammed shut when the powers that be realized that what they had created was getting out of control and threatening their own power.

Why am I so interested in this subject? At least fourreasons:

One, as a Sith Lord, I am always looking for ways to enhance my mental powers, and LSD and other psychedelics have shown great potential to do so. Before clowns like Timothy Leary turned psychedelics into a mass movement that resulted in the shutdown of legal research for forty years, LSD was being studied extensively by respectable scientists in academia, government and the military. Studies suggested that it could cure addictions, alter deviant behavior, enhance creativity, increase psychological insight and produce powerful mystical experiences. Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, was an early proponent of LSD as a way to cure alcoholism. Francis Crick conceptualized the DNA molecule while tripping in 1953. Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis credits LSD with helping him develop the revolutionary polymerase chain reaction DNA sequencing process. Sithy genius Steve Jobs called taking LSD “one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.” Numerous artists credit psychedelics with opening up their imaginations. On the darker side, the CIA was heavily involved in researching LSD as a tool of mind control, interrogation and psychological warfare (though the results were generally negative). Conspiracy theorists even suggest that the psychedelic movement was part of a larger mind control experiment designed to help bring about a New World Order.

Two, because I am a mystic and a psychonaut. I have experimented extensively with hallucinogens, delved deeply into Buddhist, yogic and tantric techniques, explored shamanism and the Occult at length, and studied psychedelic thinkers like Aleister Crowley, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Philip K. Dick, Carlos Castaneda, Robert Anton Wilson and Terence McKenna. Yet I am also a Sith Lord, who follows a darker path of conflict, sorcery and power. I use psychonautic technologies because I find them to be some of the most powerful tools available for awakening, expanding and endarkening my consciousness. In fact, it was the deconditioning effect of psychedelics, combined with other neurochemicals, that first awakened my “inner Sith Lord” and created the dangerous mind behind Sith Academy. It undoubtedly also made my mind more receptive to the revelation of Darth Omega.

Three, the psychedelic era interests me because it illustrates the illusory nature of light side constructs. What began as a utopian light side movement among the most privileged generation in history was soon destroyed by a dark side eruption, as violent biker gangs, government agents, drug dealers and cult leaders turned the summer of love into the autumn of “helter skelter” murders, mayhem, paranoia and bad trips. The same drugs that were used by hippies to promote peace and love in the 1960s were employed by the CIA, criminals and cultists in the service of war, power and mind control. And so it goes.

Four, psychedelics offer a potent means of deconditioning and memetic engineering. By directly altering the conscious and unconscious mind, psychedelics attack the user’s basic sense of identity and reality, and make possible radical transformations in individuals and whole societies. Consider, for example, the critical role played by psychedelic drugs in the cultural changes which occurred in the United States during the 1960s. Clearly, psychedelics may be a potent tool for dismantling light side constructs which Sith sorcerers should study further.

The upshot of all this for me is that Sith Lords should be dark psychonauts, unafraid to experiment radically with their own and others’ consciousness, but too perceptive to fall for the lies of lightsiders preaching peace, love, brotherhood and ego-destruction. An endarkened Sith Lord should combine the best traits of CIA sorcerers like Sidney Gottlieb and Ronald Stark, illuminated moguls like Steve Jobs, and psychedelic gurus like Hubbard, Huxley and Castaneda. Or to use a fictional example from that era, the Sith should be like the Bene Gesserit of Dune, employing our mystical “spice” to expand our consciousness, extend our life and increase our power. We should be a cabal of psychedelic sorcerers who understand that all conflicts are wars for the mind, and who therefore include every psychonautic tool in our arsenal. Instead of Leary’s mantra of “turn on, tune in, drop out,” perhaps the Sith mantra should be “turn on, turn dark, take over.” The spice must flow!

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