{ The Nine Canons are the laws of the Sith Academy Order. The complete Canons Two through Nine will be made available to Sith Academy students only. }


I understand that violation of any of the Nine Canons or Nine Maxims is grounds for expulsion from the Order.

At Sith Academy, you must learn to walk as dark side seekers to the gates of Dark Lordship; to live according to our laws of power and the laws of this world. This is our first Canon Code. Our Vision for you as a Sith master of the dark side is bound tight, never to be loosened ‘til the time of Dark Lordship. Even then, it will be gripped ever-tighter, to be wrought with Chaos, Mayhem, and the wrath of the Dark Side. See the Black Sun in the sky and feel it in your soul; it feeds your Force power and gives you faith in the wisdom of the Dark Lords, who want only that you follow in their path to become Canonical rulers among men!

Know this: Your Masters will not hesitate to expel you at the first sign of serious failure, or to appeal to the Dark Council to consider your removal from the Order. At Sith Academy, we cherish and celebrate expulsion, as it proves that we are strong in the Force and that all weakness will be purged for the sake of preserving the power of the Order. To be expunged from the Academy is in all cases a permanent release from the tentacles of your Masters and the Sith way of life. Let it be known that to return to the Academy is forbidden, and any attempt to return will be met with harsh contempt!

To allow a Sith a second entry into the Academy and our Order is to admit that mercy is our modus operandi and that we are weak; that those who fail deserve a second chance to prove their usefulness to our fellow Sith warriors and priests. But for a Sith, a second chance should never enter his mind, for he must never let his guard down. To allow thoughts of weakness into student training is to infect this holy dark place with putrid sickness and light side ways. The Sith of the Academy must always be vigilant and use their Force power to rid themselves of this contagion. Never allow the seed of mercy to take root, or infect the minds of Students and Masters. For our kind, it is poison!

To all Students and Masters alike: Under no circumstances are you to take pity on a student who violates our Maxims, Canons, or Pillars! The sentence of expulsion is our punishment for laziness, heresy and incompetence. Be gone weak ones! The strong men shall inherit the world, and the disciplined Sith will reign over all who follow the ways of the Forceless! Let Canon One be absolute and firm in the minds of our students, and let the world fear them for it! Let it be written; let it be known; let it be remembered. It is so ordered and demanded of all who call themselves Sith!