Echelon One: Apprenticeship

You have reached the final trial of Echelon One, and it is time to leave your computer and your Rakadwan and make a stronger connection with the Dark Lords of the Sith. We advise great discretion in this trial: let no one else know what you are about to do, for your own sake and the sake of the Empire.

This task is critical because it will allow us to exchange items and communicate via the mail system if our internet connection is somehow compromised. You should establish a way for us to contact you by mail other than providing your home address. This can be done by paying for a Post Office Box or simply registering a General Delivery address with your local post office, which can usually be set up for free. If neither of these options is available, you can use your home address, but this is strongly discouraged.

Once you have done this, hand write the following Acolyte Pledge in the Dark Tongue on a piece of paper:

Nam chom rabûk am Borgashk
U Zithgazûl ag chad brûkthuz
Oz am Rakadûm gam arkan
Vat Karzâth, nazg vril banthorzhinugrak
Raz mûkazat oz raka vû vraskâshk

{ Translation:

I pledge obedience to the Lords
Of the Sith Order in this galaxy
And to the Imperium which they command,
One Empire, in the Force indomitable,
With victory and power forever. }

Sign the Pledge with your Sith name and signature or personal symbol.

Additionally, we would like a personal artifact from you that we can place at the main Black Temple of the Dark Lords. This could be any item that has power to you, such as a token, weapon, article of clothing, etc. By sending us an artifact of power to be placed at our Temple, you will open a Force connection between us that can empower you across space and time. If you would like to make other contributions to the Order, send those also.

Your Acolyte Pledge, personal artifacts and offering should be mailed to the address provided by email.

Once we receive your items, we will determine if you are ready for Apprenticeship, or if other tasks are required to complete Echelon One. If chosen for Apprenticeship, you will be  provided with further instructions on how to proceed to Echelon Two or some other allied order of the Dark Lords.

Note: Let us know by email when your items have been sent.

It is so ordered.

– The Dark Lords of Sith Academy