Prospective Apprentices of the world may receive a letter in the mail or by email similar to this:

Please allow us to introduce ourselves; we are men of power and knowledge. At the moment, we are contemplating selecting you to be one of our apprentices, and showing you how you can become a powerful, successful & law-abiding citizen in today’s society, despite the odds you may feel are against you.

Hear us out and listen carefully to what we are about to say:

First, we must tell you that we represent an Order of Sith Lords who aspire to change the world from a regime of weakness to a state of strength and imperial greatness. No, this is not a joke, and we are not fantasy role-players; we are a serious group of dark side disciples who call ourselves Sith. At this time, we are recruiting confident and intelligent men who have touched the dark side of life, who can use their experience to teach others that the path of the light side is a path of disempowerment, and can show them a more powerful way.

We are currently looking for promising individuals like yourself to take through our training program, and even have it recorded in an official book, if your writing and dedication to our way of life is commendable and acceptable to us. We understand that the Sith way of life may sound very dark at first glance, and it may disturb or frighten you, depending on your personal beliefs. We can assure you that our motives are law-abiding; our primary aim is to work with men who are at least 18 and over, to aid them in their rehabilitation from lightside ways and to show them that their dark nature is to not be feared, but mastered.

Our purpose in soliciting you is to inspire you to realize your inner greatness and not to dwell on your mistakes and supposed weaknesses in life. Those are behind you now, and we will not judge you for committing these purported “crimes against humanity.” We Sith are only interested in powerful individuals, and seeing men and/or women such as yourself change their lives and their worldview, so that they and our society as a whole may become more masterful, proud and formidable!

We await your thoughts on our proposal to recruit you. Be patient and strong in your current situation; do not give up on the promise of a better way of life among the Sith!

~Sith Lords of Sith Academy

Quote to ponder:

“Everything of significance is the result of conquest.” ~Darth Sidious