The Imperial Sun is the symbol of our Empire.

About the Empire:

The Dark Lords of the Sith, our founder Darth Imperius, and his protege Darth Ravenus, are in the process of building the Sith Empire.

The Empire’s three pillars of power consist of Education (Sith Academy), Religion (Temple of the Sith), and Government (Sith Imperium).

Sith Academy will train our future Dark Lords of the Empire.

The Temple of the Sith will be our religious and theocratic center of power.

The Sith Imperium will operate our government and expand our authority into all power centers of this planet.

To be considered for Dark Lord training, to be evaluated as a potential Prophet, or to declare your allegiance to the Sith Imperium, contact us at

It is so ordered.

—The Dark Lords of the Sith