A Vision of Sith Lordship By Acolyte Scylaac

A Vision of Sith Lordship

By Acolyte Scylaac

“Anger directed toward authority is dangerous. It must be channeled toward other, weaker subjects. By encouraging fear of the exotic and unusual, a regime can be strengthened. The Empire has uniformity in its symbols and its ideology, which makes it easier to shame those who do not belong and to make them the object of a galaxy’s rage.” Darth Sidious, The Book of Anger

Contained within the quote above is the clarity of my Vision for this world: uniformity of ideology, of language, of species, of mindset, and of purpose. The one thing this world has utterly lacked for as long as humankind has existed: a singular purpose, a will to power that is a racial imperative as opposed to a fractious set of philosophy contrary to the vagaries of current fad or haute couture of whatever time period the current generation happens to exist in. It is a fatal flaw of humanity that it is functionally weak in its psychological foundation, prone to veering its focus in all manner of aimless directions seeking purpose it cannot even define for itself, while its paltry lifespan makes a mockery of foresight beyond its meager years. It is inherently self-destructive; opting to feast on its single world like a greedy parasite while its host dies slowly, but the parasite is too lost in its own shortsightedness to realize that it’s very greed heralds its own destruction without a new host to replace what it kills. Worse yet, it is divided so deeply within itself that it self-sabotages any attempts to muster the will to seek out new hosts, or at least to not slaughter the one it’s attached to recklessly. Over 5000 years of recorded history and humanity is no closer now to erasing its borders and achieving unity than it was when Sumer of old beheld Gilgamesh as its ruler.

The reasons for this are myriad, and every single one is frustrating because every single one is deliberate. These are not reasons inflicted upon the species by external factors or forces of nature, to be railed at and cursed but tolerated out of powerlessness to prevent them, but are borne merely of stubborn refusal to accept destiny and follow logic to its ultimate path. The human race must be forged into a single, united whole if it intends to survive its looming trials, many of which it brings upon itself with its own stupidity and lack of clarity. Hundreds of languages, dozens of faiths, borders within borders, all leading the species into nowhere; is it any wonder its members kill themselves at their desks rather than risk being alive to see everything come to its screaming oblivion?

Into this comes my Vision: the Sith Vision of Terra. As civilization rots from its own bowels bursting with its greed and corruption and clawing for scraps while it all burns down around them, those that survive the initial holocausts will be desperate, seeking any reason or meaning behind why they bother to survive. When all the trappings of culture and nation are stripped away and the human realizes that it is a small piece of nothing on a wretched ball of a world that never achieved its potential, it will fear as it has never known fear ever before. In that fear comes the only entity remaining that knows no fear, cloaked in black, boots crushing the bones of the world beneath merciless heels, to guide that fearful creature into a new world and a new purpose. What came before is no more: only the Sith would matter in the aftermath.

The mightiest empire to ever exist on this world never succeeded in conquering more than 20% of its nations. In order to conquer this world, there must be no nations. Order must be imposed upon it from a vacuum state, or else it will be rejected by adherents to the flawed models of the past and resist the new imperative. I do not delude myself into believing this state will be achieved in the span of my lifetime; I also do not delude myself into believing the medical capabilities of this world will advance quickly enough to bring about a universal anti-agapic that could retard the human ageing process within my lifespan, or that if such a medical miracle did occur and was made freely available to the non-elite teeming masses that it would happen before this physical form was already too diminished for it to matter. It would fall upon those that would follow me to ride out the storm as everything humanity knows crumbles to ashes around them and forge the new species from what remains. This world is all we have, thanks to the shallow priorities of the petty politicians of what few nations possess the resources to explore even the bounds of this tiny solar system; Terra must become this galaxy’s Dromund Kaas, the center of a power that would dominate its sector, and then beyond, as the psyche of humanity turns outward instead of inward.

So what is my place in this? What manner of Sith shall I be, armed with the knowledge that I am too old to see the results of my works come to fruition? There is much to be done before everything falls apart: my role is that of contagion, the agent of entropic decay. The likelihood of the species dissolving into its own ruin on its own is slim, so something must prod it down its path to darkness and into the waiting hands of its future Sith masters. I intend to use what time I have left, here on this world I have despised all my life, to break down the systems humanity has come to believe are the only way to exist. Burdened with lies thousands of years old, false faiths preaching false hopes while their hypocrisies betray their true intentions, the commercial promises of being able to live a perfect life while drowning in unpayable debts to wealth-hoarding oligarchs as long as you buy what they’re selling, trapped in the mire of recycled politicians whose words never change any more than their inactions: the human body is riddled with slow-killing cancers that the chemotherapy of civilization is just effective enough to keep the mewling victim alive as long as possible. My intent is to unplug the life support.

I lack the charisma and the face for politics, so I could not be a Darth Sidious. Ultimately, I am merely a soldier, a Darth Malgus, placed in the position to be able to see every flaw in the system and seemingly cursed to either coexist with such hateful programs or revolt against them when my patience finally ends and I have gathered enough power to attempt it. I have seen for myself the weakness of the species against an invincible and implacable foe with the power of life and death over all it surveys, but like the minion fire ant whose hive is disturbed they attack that which threatens them whether they are able to harm it or not. These tactics are for war, and there will come a time for that I am certain, but fear is a poison to breach any armor and stop hearts within their chests, and playing on fears is a time-honored and tested human tradition to prompt the mobs into actions they normally would not take. I intend to spread fear through the bloodstream of the entire world, terror to shock them into hastening their own desire to turn off the lights and hide in the darkness where we already dwell. The news media knows the power of words to incite or quell action on the part of the species; with words, the vector for infection is assured. Fear will bring this world to its knees, to bow before the Sith that are all that will remain standing, majestic in their power and unassailable in their truth. We will be made to be the salvation of humanity, and once the species has accepted their role under their new Dark Lords, then we can begin the work of making humanity the dominant species of the Local Interstellar Cloud, then the Local Bubble, then the entire Orion-Cygnus Arm, and onwards and onwards.

Therein is my manifesto: this world I have spent my life cursing, I now curse againwith salvation through systemic destruction. The Sith Lords of the future will find a fertile ground to sow all these lands with the Dark Side, should my works succeed. Through victory, our chains are broken; through the Force, they shall be enslaved.