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Zhotûn Bor in Imperial Year 5:

Sith Academy has entered a dark phase in Imperial Year 5, when only a few members of the Academy will be permitted direct access to the Dark Lords. To all others who seek the path of Sith Lordship, we encourage you to watch our videos, read our ‘Red Star Book’, Sith Academy: The Path of Power, visit Temple of the Sith, and watch for our forthcoming publication, Sith Academy: Masters of the Will, to gain a better understanding of how to become worthy of the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Submit the form below to receive further instructions about how to begin your training at Sith Academy.

Sith Academy products may be acquired here: Sith Sermon Kit, Imperial Armband, Sith Academy Red Star Book and Leather Tabards. Note: If you are unable to acquire our ‘Red Star’ book for whatever reason, contact us by Skype at handle “sithacademy”.

Rak am chod! (Power to you!)

~The Dark Lords of Sith Academy (“The Two”)

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