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Sith Academy: The Path of Power is required reading for all Sith Acolytes!

Sith Academy is the first dark side training school of its kind: a place where Acolytes can seek a greater destiny as real Dark Lords of the Sith. We are educating aspiring Sith throughout this planet in a number of specializations – warrior, industrialist, sorcerer, assassin, black agent, templar, blade master, politician, scholar, and more – as we search the galaxy for Masters who crave unlimited power.

The Two ruling Dark Lords consider you their guest, who must prove yourself worthy of being called an Acolyte or Ally of the Empire before being allowed through our doors. You must do the following for us to take an interest in you: first, gaze at this symbol of blade power and decide right now if you are worthy of being called Sith. Next, study the Nine Canons and Nine Maxims of the Order and read the Revelation of the Last Sith Lord, as revealed in our first book, Sith Academy: The Path of Power. Finally, complete the form below and we will send you instructions to begin your training at the Academy.

Note #1: We are currently focused on the “Blade Masters” faction of the Empire, and are looking especially for Acolytes who can contribute blade-related writings, videos and products for the glory of the Empire.

Note #2: You must be at least 18 years of age to study at Sith Academy!

Hail to the Empire and long live the Sith!

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