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The Imperial Sun symbol is the emblem of our new Empire, to be worn by all soldiers and officials of the Imperium. It’s nine black rays symbolize the rising sun of Sith power over this planet and beyond. Code:  Zhotûn Bor


A Vision of Greatness

“The time has come for man to set himself a goal. The time has come for man to plant the seed of his highest hope.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

A Sith Lord is a conqueror on the plane of myth as well as matter. Before we march forth to plant our banners above the capitols of this planet, we must first establish our empire in the fields of mind.

In other religious traditions they speak of a Caliphate, New Jerusalem, Zion, Shambhala, New World Order or Reich – all mind-kingdoms which have inspired their followers and animated their armies across long, hard centuries of struggle. For we who call ourselves Sith, the mind-kingdom that motivates us is called the Empire.

What is the Empire?

What is this “Empire” of which we speak, and seek?

The Empire is the ideal that motivates all Sith; it is our nation, our homeland, our birthright, and the worldly manifestation of our Force mastery on a grand scale. Establishing and expanding the Empire is the supreme triumph of will (mûkazuzhin) of every Dark Lord upon this plane of existence.

The Empire is, first and foremost, a state of mind and Force-being. It exists in the realm of thought to act as a focus and a catalyst for the Will. The Dark Lords who maintain and build upon this thought-form across centuries are heirs of the greatest treasure of the Sith Order. For the Empire, in both its ideal conception and its material implementation, promotes a certain type of inner being – a dark side, sovereign, potent Will, unbowed and unbreakable. The purpose of the Empire is not merely to allow our Dark Order to rule over other beings with an iron fist, but to provide us with a lofty goal that constantly tests our power – power which will inevitably infect and awaken the other beings who live under our Imperium. For the Empire demands not mere obedience of its members, but a lust for greatness!

The Emperors of the World

The Empire will be led by two supreme Dark Lords – the Two who embody the highest ambitions and strongest powers of mankind. These Two – also known as “the Emperors of the World” – will have attained their supreme status through a long process of selection, training, testing and achievement. Their final anointing as Dark Lords will be overseen by the Dark Council and broadcast to citizens throughout the Empire.

The Two are both the temporal rulers of the Empire and the mystical leaders of the Sith religion. The seat of their theocratic authority is the two Black Sun Thrones located at the foot of the two pillars of the Sith Temple, which are surrounded by nine platforms for the Dark Council members.

Images of the Emperors of the World will adorn the walls of every imperial office; their imperial seals will mark all official communications; vast statues of them in their robed regalia will be built in every city; songs will be sung, games will be held, spaceships will be named in their honor. On important days of the Imperial calendar, the Emperors will perform rituals at the Temple or other locations, broadcasting the ceremonies throughout the Imperium. Unmatched in their power, steadfast in their vision, unlimited in their ambition, the Emperors shall be an ever-present source of inspiration to all subjects of the Empire.

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The Dark Lord’s books and videos are produced especially for those who desire to train as Apprentices under the Dark Lords via the Internet or in person, or who wish to explore the dark side alone in the shadows. You may watch our Youtube videos at Sith Academy channel.

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Rak Am Chod! (Power to You!)

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