The Dark Lords Proposed Infernicon Temple

The Dark Lords of Sith Academy invite you to become an Acolyte in our halls of power. Read the following carefully to understand what this entails.


As an aspiring Acolyte who may be new to our way of life, know that you will be tested every step of the way, to determine if you are capable of walking the endarkened path of the Sith. By walking among us, you will learn how to think and act like a Dark Lord – a master of the Force – and shown how to wield it to bend fate to your liking.

As Sith, there is only one path that matters to us: the path of unlimited power! At Sith Academy we will challenge you to take the commander’s chair with the Dark Lords, who use various power symbols, skills and strategies to win glory for the Empire. We are at war; know it, breathe it, and make it your reality. We are not a race of peacemakers; we are Sith. We are strifeful and rageful – anger is our friend. Betrayal is our code, especially to those outside of the Academy. Inside our halls, we consider ourselves brothers, loyal only to one another, but if anyone is weak or falters from our path, we turn our backs upon him and banish him forever. We are never kind; we are Sith!

As we envision a planet of Sith Temples and will it into existence, we will create places where our kind can wear the title of Dark Lord proudly, tapping into the dark Force of the universe at will. Build a Temple, and you take control of the Force; take control of the Force, and you take control of the planet; take control of the planet, and you take control of your destiny. Heed the call of the Dark Lords of Sith Academy, and you will enter a dark portal to unlimited power and freedom!

But for the chains of the lightside to be broken, you must win many victories! The training program of the Academy is built upon this principle: we are not here to exchange words or philosophize, but to demonstrate our power by defeating our enemies and creating monuments to our power – small at first, but culminating in Sith Temples that will be the Force foundation of our new Empire.


Sith Academy is looking for a few dark men who have the will, the skill and the Force power to be Dark Lords. We are not here to turn role-players who lack power, knowledge and resources into powerful beings. If you are exceptional in some way and wish to earn the title of Dark Lord at Sith Academy, read on. If not, be gone!

To earn the title of Dark Lord, all Sith Acolytes must do the following:

  • Complete Nine Echelons of challenges that will allow the Dark Lords to evaluate your dark side power and motivation.
  • Find a location and create a design for your Black Temple.
  • Recruit an Apprentice for your “Rule of Two” who can assist you in building the Temple.
  • Complete the Temple, with guidance from the Dark Lords.
  • Learn the skills, ideology and knowledge necessary to administer the Temple.
  • Create training videos and/or documents for use by other Sith Acolytes, as requested by the Dark Lords.

To complete each challenge, you will need to submit text, pictures or videos via email. Upon completion of all challenges, you will be granted the title of Dark Lord and will be eligible for membership in the ruling Council of Dark Lords.


Prospective Acolytes may begin their Sith training by submitting the form below. Your first Challenge will be emailed to you. You must be at least 18 years old to train with us. Remember: the Academy is the future of the Sith!

Note: The Dark Lords of Sith Academy will train prospective Acolytes & Apprentices in the dark arts of force power. In return, you will be expected to purchase our products or do work for the Empire.

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