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Greetings Sith Academy Applicant:

Sith Academy is a dark side training school and Order for those who seek unlimited power. More information about our program is contained in the pages of this site and in the books and videos of the Dark Lords. Those who wish to begin their training as an Acolyte or Apprentice under the Dark Lords, either on-line, in person, or who wish to explore the dark side alone in the shadows, should acquire the books below and watch our Youtube videos here.

Rak Am Chod! (Power to You!)

Sith Academy: The Path of Power is available here. Read an excerpt here. Available in paperback and full color hardback editions.
Sith Academy: Masters of the Will is available here!. Read an excerpt here.
Sith Academy: The Templar Handbook is available here. Read an excerpt here.
ISIS vs. the Illuminati: The War for a New World Order is available here. Read an excerpt here.


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